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One beach – lots of views

19 February 2020

A question has always bothered me. Can a beautiful view finally get bored? Hmm, so I decided to look for answers.

So I lived in a charming, seaside town called St. Augustine Beach, Florida. What’s more, I lived right next to the beach, and I was enjoying the beautiful ocean view every day, or sometimes even twice a day.

Over the past three months, I have been coming to the same beach in St. Augustine Beach every day. Did I finally get bored of Its view? As it turned out for such a long period of time, not even a bit.

You will probably think why?

The answer is simple. Every day I see a different view of the same beach. Below I put a lot of photos that will dispel your doubts.

Sunrise and sunset

I have heard this saying that nature paints the most beautiful pictures. I agree with it 100%, because the view of sunrise and sunset can be amazing.

These natural phenomena take place every day, but every day we can observe a completely different, specific and unique view. The falling sun stimulates our senses and works on our imagination.

In St. Augustine Beach sunrise is from the ocean and west from the land. Therefore, these unusual performances in the sky can be observed twice a day.

Sunsets prove that no matter what happens, every day can end in a beautiful way.

Ebb and flow

Let’s start with what this phenomenon is. Inflows and outflows are regularly repeated rise and fall of the water level in the ocean, caused by the gravitational interaction of the Earth with the Moon and the Sun.

These natural phenomena make the beach different every day. Sometimes at high tide the beach is not there at all because it is flooded with all the water. However, the outflow reveals a very wide beach, leaving various sea surprises on it.

What I mean? Unusual shells, horsetail and jellyfish in various sizes and colors. Sometimes even whole “islands” of shells appear, which make all kids enjoy the beach.
See for yourself.


One day I went with my dog for a morning walk. And you know what? I couldn’t believe what I saw! The whole beach was covered with seafoam as if the clouds fell from the sky and formed on the sand.

Seafoam is created when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is broken by waves. Algae blooms are one of the common sources of dense sea foams. It is also a natural phenomenon – a view that pleases the eye very much.

I often find seafoam on the beach in St. Augustine Beach, however, in small quantities. That day, the view surprised me so much that I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Full moon

The most beautiful element of the sky is without a doubt the moon. The best, however, looks fully and in conjunction with the ocean, it creates a view so fascinating that it is difficult to describe it in words.

It is most beautiful just after sunset when the moon is very low over the ocean and illuminates the water with its glow.

A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun. More specifically, when the ecliptic lengths of the Sun and Moon differ by 180 degrees. This phenomenon can usually be observed once a calendar month.

Locals and tourists often celebrate the full moon on the beach. Personally, I met people singing and playing various instruments to the full moon.

There are also photographers who capture this beautiful view of the full moon over the water in pictures. I am one of them, although I don’t have professional photographic equipment, I try to take as many photos as possible, which are a great souvenir for me.

See the results for yourself.

As you can see in the pictures posted in this post, the view of the same beach may vary every day. Above all the weather has a huge impact.

On windy days, high waves are created, which favor surfers, and also move sand on the beach, creating a view like in the desert. On windless days, however, you can enjoy the calm ocean, which looks like a lake.

Sometimes the sky is blue without a single cloud, and sometimes it is covered with white clouds that are so perfect that they look like they were made in photoshop.

There are also cloudy and rainy days during which you can admire the rainbow on the beach.

In one day you can meet thousands of shells in one place, and in the other dozens of jellyfish that make it difficult to walk on the beach. The color of the water also changes depending on the incident light.

After three months of visiting one beach, I saw a lot of different views. They all have one thing in common – everyone is beautiful.




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